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Zombies, Run! The Board Game

Zombies, Run! The Board Game


This is a pre-order: we are currently developing Zombies, Run! The Board Game with an expected shipping date of December 2017. Any other items in your order will be shipped separately.

Prepare your 2-4 player team for a frantic, real-time sprint across a zombie-infested landscape! Rescue survivors, uncover secrets, and (hopefully!) find a cure.

Funded via Kickstarter, the boardgame is set in the Zombies, Run! universe, during the first days of the apocalypse. Get the basic game, or level up with the Party Pack or the ultimate Runner 5 edition!

What sets us apart? With our companion app (for Android and iOS), you'll hear zombies approaching as you work together to escape them, listen to survivors and make snap decisions about saving or leaving them. But beware: they'll remember this! It's great fun even for people who don't play Zombies, Run!, though you might notice a familiar voice or two... 

Three Editions To Buy

The Board Game

This box contains everything you'll need to play the game with:

  • A2 Laminated Dry-Wipe Erasable Map
  • 96 Opportunity Cards
  • 72 Zombie Cards
  • 5 Zombie Tracker Cards
  • 18 Close Call Cards
  • 18 Weapon Cards
  • 4 Character Cards
  • Instruction Sheets

The Party Pack

Includes all the contents of The Board Game, and adds two new types of gameplay:

  • After Dark Zombies that can only be slain by telling secrets, dancing, downing your drink or taking a shot!
  • Versus Mode where you can play against another group of 2 to 4 runners, trading blows and zombies in real time as you battle to be the last team standing!

The Runner 5

The most premium edition of the game available! Includes all the contents of the Party Pack, and additionally:

  • Runner and multiple Zombie miniature figures, so you can live out your wartime strategy 'pushing-things-around-a-map' fantasies
  • Extra artefacts that bring the story and world to life, including postcards from characters, newspaper clippings, unique puzzles that tie into the game, and more!

This game is still under development with an expected shipping date of December 2017. To keep up with progress updates, follow us on our Facebook page