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Death Wish Shortsleeve Tech Shirt

Death Wish Shortsleeve Tech Shirt


If staying dry is on your wish list, we've got you covered! Join the Abels across the multiverse in this snazzy moisture-wicking short sleeve tech shirt. It might not protect you from raptor claws, silver bullets or dragon fire, but you will look great!

Part of Death Wish: Be Careful What You Wish For Halloween 2022 Virtual Race.

Cool-Dri microfibre polyester with wicking tech, unisex and women's fit. Front and back design.

This item will ship from the US in late September and take up 1-4 weeks to arrive.

Size Chart

 Size Unisex
XS 40" chest circ.
36" chest circ.
S 41" 38"
M 42" 41"
L 44" 42"
XL 46" 46"
XXL 47" 48"