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Jack & Eugene Souvenir Pack

Jack & Eugene Souvenir Pack


Whether you're a first time caller or a long time listener to Radio Abel, you'll love our pack lovingly curated by your favorite hosts, Jack and Eugene! Sure, it might seem a bit odd for the boys to be assembling these, but self-care is an essential part of survival, even during a zombie apocalypse...

The Jack & Eugene Souvenir Pack includes:

  • A gorgeous double-sided "Most Loyal Listener" medal
  • Listener certificate (not pictured, spoilers!)
  • Radio Abel flyer
  • Running bib
  • Temporary tattoo sheet (including the Shippo!)
  • Button badges
  • Affirmation cards (25-card deck)
  • Ticket stub

This pack is a great accompaniment to our 2021 Virtual Race, Jack and Eugene's World Tour! but it's fun whether or not you play the race!

Purchase does not include entry to Jack and Eugene's World Tour 2021 Virtual Race. To enter, just sign up to VIP Membership in Zombies, Run!