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Medal Pack – Jack & Eugene

Medal Pack – Jack & Eugene

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Whether you're a first time caller or a long time listener to Radio Abel, you'll love our pack lovingly curated by your favorite hosts, Jack and Eugene! Sure, it might seem a bit odd for the boys to be assembling these, but self-care is an essential part of survival, even during a zombie apocalypse...

The Jack & Eugene Souvenir Pack includes:

  • A gorgeous double-sided "Most Loyal Listener" medal
  • Listener certificate (not pictured, spoilers!)
  • Radio Abel flyer
  • Running bib
  • Temporary tattoo sheet (including the Shippo!)
  • Button badges
  • Affirmation cards (25-card deck)
  • Ticket stub

Please note: Purchase does not include entry to the Virtual Race missions in-app. These are unlocked with Zombies, Run! VIP Membership.

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