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Sergeant Five Longsleeve Tech Shirt

Sergeant Five Longsleeve Tech Shirt


An extraction mission to a top secret base requires skill, bravery, and most of all… stealth. This moisture-wicking longsleeve tech shirt might not make you invisible in all environments, but it can’t hurt!

Part of the Cape Wrath Spring 2023 Virtual Race (VR15).

Cool-Dri microfibre polyester with wicking tech, unisex and women's fit. Front and back design.

This item will ship from the US in April and take up 1-4 weeks to arrive.

Size Chart

 Size Unisex
XS 40" chest circ.
36" chest circ.
S 41" 38"
M 42" 41"
L 44" 42"
XL 46" 46"
XXL 47" 48"